Skin Care Tips: Multi-Masking with BRUL HERBALS

Skin Care Tips: Multi-Masking with BRUL HERBALS

No matter how much you may think your skin type falls into just one category, it definitely varies from area to area of your face. Clogged pores on your nose and chin require a different regime than uneven, tired-looking skin on your cheeks. That’s why a single type of facial mask won't address all your skin concerns.

Multi-masking allows you to take facial treatment to the next level by creating a custom, tailor-made regime to your specific skin needs. While applying different facial masks on different areas of your face, you’re targeting each and every concern and, in return, will end up with more glowing and brightened complexion.


Why Multi-Masking Works

Suppose, you have a very oily T-zone, but dry, flaky skin on your cheeks. Using an oil-absorbing mask might be great for your nose, chin, and forehead, but not ideal for the rest of your face. The opposite is also true: A rich hydrating mask to soothe your cheeks doesn’t work for the oilier areas of your skin.

Multi-masking can easily solve these problems as it is actually a simple technique that gives you the benefits of a customized facial treatment at home. In just one masking session, you can treat a range of skin concerns at the same time: clear pores, exfoliate dulling skin cells, hydrate dry areas, calm breakouts and brighten uneven skin tone.


Benefits of Multi-Masking

1. Multi-masking allows you to target different parts of your skin with different facial masks. This way you will give your skin better results.

2. Multi-masking lets you treat yourself in a spa-like way at home, without worrying whether facial mask might not be right for certain areas of your face.


Here we are sharing the commonly known and widely used classic combos of Multi-masking:

1. Purifying + Hydrating

Apply a deeply cleansing mask (AUSTRALIAN PURE GREEN CLAY Facial Mask) along your T-zone and a hydrating version (HYDRATING FACIAL MASK) on your cheeks.

2. Soothing + Nourishing

If your complexion tends to be flushed and irritated, use cleansing formula with skin soothers (think of chamomile, lavender and green tea content. You can find all these soothers in DETOXIFYING FACIAL MASK) on your cheeks, the area most prone to redness. And add to it a gentle version to keep skin looking fresh and healthy everywhere else (AUSTRALIAN PURE WHITE CLAY Facial Mask, AUSTRALIAN PURE IVORY CLAY Facial Mask, AUSTRALIAN PURE PINK CLAY Facial Mask).


Apply selected facial masks to the targeted areas on dry, clean face avoiding contact with eyes. For even layer use Mask Application Bamboo Brush. Leave it on for 10 minutes or until dry. Rinse with warm water.  Use twice a week or as often as needed.

So now that you know the simple techniques of multi-masking. Time to experiment and give yourself spa-quality masking session :)

Written by Marion. You can click here to learn more about the author.

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