BRUL HERBALS - An Idea takes Form

BRUL HERBALS - An Idea takes Form

BRUL HERBALS as a concept started a few years ago when we decided to share our old family recipes of using tea, herbs and flowers for healing and sustained health benefits with friends and known ones. In gatherings and social events, the topics used to always come to one thing, the state of health and the complications involved in meeting up with the demands of being healthy. Fake chemical supplements, quick fad fixes, concoctions, all offering miracle cures and instant gains in a matter of days and weeks were not quite cutting it.

Over our journeys across Europe, Latin America and North Asia, we came across wonderful people, specifically in quaint towns and villages, which reminded us of our families growing up. A majority of them did not use magic pills, rather they rely on simple garden herbs to attain their balance in nature.

And as the time flows we came to the only one organic and really working solution to maintain healthy well-being at modern time. Simple habit of regular consuming herbal teas based on pure organic ingredients.

Now the time came to revisit old family recipes and processes to get a clear understanding of the qualities of tea, herbs and flowers. Starting out small with a very closed group of relatives in mind, we started blending ancient knowledge to suit our modern physiology and lifestyle.

We carefully choose only time-tested organic ingredients to achieve the best results in creating unique herbal blends. Commonly known green tea, chamomile, calendula, ginger, echinacea, lavender, lemongrass, lemon, rose petals and rare tulsi, gotu kola, goji berries, dandelion, nettle, valerian root all together add a healing touch into each BRUL HERBALS herbal blend.

BRUL HERBALS, is born of the desire for balance and making things simple. No medicine, herb, procedure can work without the individual working equally hard. We are born of compassion. All good things remain so because of love, care and affection. Be kind on yourself and also on the others around you.

BRUL HERBALS offers you a gentle helping hand in your journey to a healthy mind, body and soul. Experience great taste of BRUL HERBALS organic herbal teas and let it become a perfect addition to your modern healthy lifestyle.

Written by Marion. You can click here to learn more about the author.

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