All you need to know about Australian Green Clay Facial Mask

All you need to know about Australian Green Clay Facial Mask

If you've ever used a natural facial mask before, there's a good chance you've already heard of clay based skin care. You probably know by now that there are actually a number of different varieties of clay each with their own unique list of benefits for the skin.

One of them is Australian Green Clay. It is one of those natural ingredients that has incredible benefits the skin.

What exactly does Australian Green Clay do for skin?

Australian Green Clay is really beneficial for anyone with oily, combination or acne prone skin because it works to restore balance to the skin, extracting and soaking up any excess oils lurking within the pores that can cause acne, breakouts and general build-up and congestion. It's also great for helping to mattify the skin, making it ideal for anyone with an unsightly oily T zone. Australian Green Clay is really effective deep cleanser, working to balance out the skin's pH levels and stimulating cell regeneration to leave you with a fresh and glowing complexion.

Main benefits of Australian Green Clay for Skin:

  1. Detoxifies and exfoliates

  2. Draws out impurities and toxins

  3. Toning and firming

  4. Stimulates circulation

  5. Tightens pores

  6. Removes dead skin cells

  7. Increases firmness

  8. Improves overall texture of skin

  9. Refreshes tired and 'washed out' skin

  10. Softens dry and rough skin

Apart from that  Australian Green Clay is extremely beneficial in healing process of:

  1. Cellulite

  2. Stretchmarks

  3. Problem skin

  4. Acne

  5. Blemishes

  6. Pimples

  7. Small cuts

  8. Minor burns

  9. Insect bites


Australian Green Clay is naturally sun dried, crushed and sieved into a fine powder for your skin to enjoy. It gently absorbs all the toxins from your skin, completely cleansing and purifying it.

Our absolute favorite facial masks which we recommend to anyone with oily or combination skin issues are AUSTRALIAN PURE GREEN CLAY Facial Mask and DETOXIFYING FACIAL MASK from BRUL HERBALS.

All you need to do to feel the natural benefits of Australian Green Clay is to mix mask with water to create a paste, and it works to draw out any imperfections from deep within the pores to leave you with deeply cleansed, detoxed skin.

Get more inspiration checking out BRUL HERBALS skin care products and choose the best match for your skin type.

Say yes to balanced glowing skin!

Written by Marion. You can click here to learn more about the author.

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