About Us


BRÚL Herbals started as a concept over 5 years ago when we decided to share our ideas and knowledge about herbal and natural ways of maintaining health and beauty.


BRÚL Herbals is born of desire for a balanced harmony between body and mind.

On journeys in Europe, Latin America and North Asia we came across wonderful people, specifically in quaint towns and villages, which reminded us of our families growing up. A majority of them did not use magic pills, rather they rely on simple natural ingredients to attain their balance in nature.

The time came to revisit old family traditional recipes to get a thoughtful understanding of the qualities of teas, herbs, flowers and clays. Starting out small with a very closed group of well-wishers, friends and extended family in Australia and across the world, we started blending ancient knowledge to suit our modern physiology and lifestyle. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Our core philosophy is based on the belief that no medicine, herb, procedure can work without the individual working equally hard. We are born of compassion. All good things remain so because of love, care and affection. Be kind on yourself and also on others around you.

BRÚL Herbals offers a gentle helping hand in your journey towards a healthy mind, body and soul.